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Completed Haiti Projects

Read about the projects we've completed in Haiti. 

Institution Classique Recovery Project

We built five classrooms at this high quality, low cost school. Today, 200 children now attend school in safe, permanent classrooms thanks to our work! The school also serves as the base of the English in Mind Institue.  Read more »

La Main Tendre Orphanage and School

Prior to the earthquake, La Main Tendre Orphanage housed all thirty of its children in a large comfortable building with a free school. The earthquake destroyed that structure as well as the school. We helped the orphanage rebuild their school, constructed a new kitchen, and built a drainage system for the courtyard and play area. Together, these changes have made the orphanage much more hygienic and reduced water borne illness. Read more »

REBUILD Globally Workshop Construction

We built a workshope for our partners, REBUILD Globally, to help expand their workshop space. The new has allowed for the hiring dozens of artisans who now make a dignified, living way while helping expand REBUILD Globally's environmentally friendly economic development programme. Read more »

Health Education

Due to a lack of education and the earthquake's effects on an already very weak health infrastructure, many Haitians were left without the tools to stay healthy. This project aimed to provide those tools to as many at risk children and caregivers as possible,  Read more »

Mix de Sabauth School

More than 180 children are enrolled in classes at Mix de Sabauth School. The earthquake severely damaged the school's second story, significantly reducing classroom space. Even worse, the damaged structure was directly over the area where the children attend class and was in severe danger of collapsing. This made for a dangerous place for the children to attend class. Read more »

College Adonai Classroom Construction

At IDV, we've made putting kids back in school a top priority by building transitional classrooms and providing scholarships. To futher that goal we build ten classrooms and a computer lab at College Adonai. Read more »

Art for Orphanages

Psychological recovery after a disaster is just as important as physical rebuilding. This project provided traumatised childrewn a positive outlet for the stress that many children of them were experiencing.  Read more »

Emes School

As part of our larger push to increase access to education in Port au Prince we rebuilt five classrooms at a local community school called Emes School. These improvements have allowed more children to attend this affordable, community run school. Read more »

Community Football Programme

We're working with community leaders to re-establish community soccer leagues. The teams used to play weekly prior to the earthquake, but lost all their supplies when the house where they were stored was destroyed. Although playing football may sound like a small comfort, it is invaluable to have a positive outlet for the stress and frustration many have experienced since the earthquake. Playing a team sport also gives youths in very difficult circumstances a sense of community and support. Read more »

Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage

We built four classrooms, a new kitchen, and a drainage system at the  Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage to improve the living conditions of the 53 chidren who live there. Read more »