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Disaster Risk Reduction in the Philippines

In Manila over 500,000 people live dangerously close to rivers which burst their banks several times a year, often during the annual typhoon season. This situation clearly highlights the need for a proactive approach to disaster.

Since 2012 we've worked with an amazing People’s Organisation, called Buklod Tao, to help protect hundreds of local families from the worst impacts of disaster. 


For eight months our international volunteers were based in the community of Banaba, just outside Manila. While there our volunteers helped to empower young people, and to build Buklod Tao's overall capacity.

In September of 2013 we withdrew our international volunteers from Banaba, but our work was far from over.  Since then we've continued to partner with Buklod Tao to build flood rescue boats and to support community-based emergency responses when the worst happens.

We're also continuing to work towards the completion of the Banaba Livelihood and Evacuation Centre.

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