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How IDV Uses your Donations

At IDV, we pride ourselves on using your donation efficiently. During our 2016 financial year:

  • 75% of every pound spent was on our work overseas.
  • 25% of every pound spent covered our costs in the UK, including staffing and fundraising.
Where do unallocated donations go?

We encourage unallocated donations! If you don't allocate your donation, we'll spend your gift on whichever of the following projects most needs the support at the time:

  • Supporting orphans and helping adults find work in Port-au-Prince, in Haiti
  • Helping Filipinos prepare for disaster
  • Funding flood rescue boats and emergency response in Manila
  • Responding to the Nepal earthquakes

If you'd like to allocate your donation, you can either do so during the donation process or contact us to let us know how much money you're donating and how you'd like it used.