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Are You Ready to Become a True Hero?









At IDV we know that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things. You might not think you have real-life superpowers, but anyone is capable of changing lives.

Collectively, our volunteers, donors and fundraisers have supported more than 20,000 disaster survivors since 2010. Let’s face it, you’re more wonderful than Wonder Woman, more courageous than Conan and more heroic than the Hulk!

But storm clouds are gathering - disasters are rising, in strength and in number. To meet this threat we need a team of heroes at home to support a growing number of disaster survivors overseas. So, we've now launched our IDV Heroes programme, to give you the chance to become a true hero!

What’s an IDV Hero?

To date, we’ve spent over 85% of our funding supporting disaster survivors overseas; by providing emergency relief, rebuilding classrooms, providing training and much more.

To increase the sustainability and impact of our overseas work we now want to invest in our UK capacity, and we’re aiming to recruit 300 IDV Heroes by the end of 2016.

Anyone who sets up a monthly donation of £10 (or $15) a month, specifically to invest in our UK capacity, will officially become an IDV Hero.

Why should I donate to IDV’s UK capacity?

We understand that most people want their money to directly support disaster survivors. However, spending less than 15% of our funding in the UK has left less than £18,000 a year, on average, for all our essential project support costs. This has barely covered one staff member, and it's holding back our ability to help disaster survivors.

Only by increasing our UK capacity can we improve and expand our work overseas.

By investing in our UK capacity today, you’ll ensure the we can make the biggest possible difference to overseas disaster survivors in the future. Monthly donations will also allow us to plan more strategically, and further improve the quality and impact of our overseas projects.

What perks do IDV Heroes receive?

  • An IDV Heroes digital membership card featuring you as your chosen avatar.
  • The option of being featured in our Heroes Roll Call.
  • Entry into an IDV Heroes raffle every six months to win some great donated prizes.
  • More to be announced as our league of Heroes grows.

How do I become an IDV Hero?

Simply set up a new monthly donation of at least £10/$15 via any of the following methods:

We’ll automatically see your new donation, but on some donation platforms this can take a few days. So, please email to confirm your hero status. We’ll then ask you to pick your hero avatar, and to confirm its entry on our Heroes Roll Call.  See our Heroes FAQ for more information.

*Mobile users should select "Desktop" view at the bottom of the screen to access the "Monthly Recurring" option.
**JustGiving cannot currently process recurring donations via mobile phone, this is only possible via a desktop computer.