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A Message from our CEO

We are saddened to announce that IDV is facing closure in March 2017.

While our project fundraising has been successful in 2016, we have sadly been unable to secure funding to meet our essential project support costs in the UK next year.

At the moment we only have enough funds to meet our UK costs until March of 2017, and this has forced us to make some hard decisions. 


Over the next few months we will be focused on our existing projects and partners in Nepal, the Philippines and Haiti, so that they have the time and support they need to make the required adjustments. We will be especially focused on the future sustainability of the HTDC Orphanage in Haiti.

Although we are saddened by this situation, we remain eternally grateful to our amazing volunteers, donors and fundraisers. Working together we have changed the lives of almost 23,000 disaster survivors around the world since 2010, and our impactful grassroots projects have only been possible thanks to you.

Read the full announcement here.