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HTDC Orphanage Appeal Launches Nov 29

Our end of year appeal for the HTDC orphanage in Haiti will launch on November 29.

Between November 29 and the end of the year we are aiming to raise $19,000 (around £15,250) to meet the children’s needs through 2017.

Funds raised will first be used to pay the rent for 2017. Funds will then be used to meet the kids' needs for the rest of the year.


If you would like to donate then November 29 is a great day to give our appeal a flying start. Thanks to our partnership with GlobalGiving your donations will* be matched by 50% on November 29. We’ll be posting a reminder, and the actual donation link, on Facebook on the day itself. So stay tuned there for updates.

*Donations will be matched while funds remain. Full T&C’s will also be available on the day itself.