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Music to Support Education

We are delighted to announce that SunEye (Hashim & Akiko Bharoocha) have produced the "KUMOKO" music compilation to help us Give the Gift of Education to kids in Nepal.

The compilation, released on January 17, features 27 songs inspired by the KUMOKO character, an imaginary spirit of the clouds created by Akiko & Hashim Bharoocha.


Artists from the US, Japan, and Europe, with styles ranging from electronic, folk, classical, R&B, and pop, all created songs inspired by KUMOKO. In Hashim and Akiko's own words:

"Just as the sky connects all parts of the world, music brings all the genre and boundary hopping musicians together on this compilation. Listening to the album is like being taken on a journey into a mystical animation film that does not exist yet, and will take the listener into unexplored realms."

You can buy the album, and an accompanying poster, today from Bandcamp. Proceeds will support IDV's educational work in Nepal and we have already received almost $300 from the first month of sales.