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Our Future in Tacloban

Since our arrival in November 2013, our volunteers have helped just shy of 8,000 Haiyan survivors get on the road to recovery in Tacloban.

During our time in Tacloban we’ve been continually inspired by the local community. It seems everywhere we look, survivors are taking charge of their own recovery.

Given growing local capacity, we have now decided that the best way we can support Tacloban’s long-term recovery is by working with our local partners. As a result, we’ll end our volunteer driven deployment in September.

Moving forward, we’ll continue supporting locally led recovery efforts. More precise details of our plans will be announced as soon as possible. Please keep checking back.

For now, we’re continuing to accept new volunteer registrations for people wishing to arrive in August. During September we’ll ramping down volunteer involvement and so we will not accept new arrivals.

We’d like to thank each and every volunteer who has joined us in Tacloban since November 2013. Thanks to you, our volunteer driven deployment has been a huge success!