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Resilient Home Building in Nepal

In mid February 2016 IDV joined forces with the National Volunteering Program (NVP) in order to provide transitional shelter in Sindhupalchok District.

The NVP is a joint program of the Government of Nepal, the National Planning Commission (NPC), the National Development Volunteers Service (NDVS) and the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). You can find more info about NVP here.

Over a long weekend in Pipaldada our volunteers helped construct a resilient home for a family of seven whose home was destroyed in the disaster.

This new home is transitional in nature but it’s also steel-framed. So, it was quick to erect in basic form and is making an immediate impact. Over time the home can be gradually made more permanent by its new owners.

Whilst NVP provided materials for this project, IDV contributed logistical and technical support through our volunteer team. The team put in place foundations, erected walls and constructed a roof out of CGI sheets.

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