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Updates from our CEO

I regret to announce that April will be my last month as a paid employee of IDV.

While our project fundraising continues to go well we have struggled to secure sustainable funding to meet our essential support costs in the UK.

As a result, I have resigned as a paid employee of IDV effective April 30, 2017.

Owing to the circumstances we have spent the past few months managing the responsible close down of some of our operations. This has included everything in Tacloban, and also our international volunteer deployment in Nepal.

Thankfully, the situation for our projects and partners in Haiti and Manila is more positive.

Although IDV will have no paid staff members after April, we've decided to keep doing what we can on a voluntary basis. However, the nature of this voluntary support means that we'll have a lot less time to fundraise. So, we'll be moving to an "as funding allows" approach, and away from fixed monthly commitments.

We hope that, by adapting, we'll be able to continue supporting our partners in Haiti and Manila, even if our capacity is reduced.

Although I am saddened by this situation, I am also incredibly grateful to all our amazing volunteers, donors and fundraisers. Between us we have changed the lives of 23,000 disaster survivors and at risk individuals since 2010, and our impactful grassroots projects have only been possible because of you.

You can find out more about how this affects each of our overseas projects by reading the full announcement.

With gratitude,

Andy Chaggar,
IDV Chief Executive Officer.