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IDV Invited to Join Omprakash Network

We're extremely excited to join Omprakash's extensive network of individuals and organisations worldwide working for sustainable change worldwide. Read more »

Climb for Haiti Event Funds Classroom Construction

In one day, German volunteer Christian raised sufficient funding to build seven transitional classrooms. Read more »

Evan Cornish Foundation donates £5,000 to Scholarships

We're delighted to report that the foundation recently chose to support our Scholarship Programme. Read more »

Walk for Haiti Raises £800

Gemma Hunt's recent fashionable fundraiser was a huge success. Read more »

Charina Says Thank You!

The founder of the Aram Learning Studio, Charina, recently wrote this letter expressing her gratitude for IDV’s help re-opening the school:

“Teacher Firie and I started this school with one classroom and an office space borrowed from my mother in law. As more parents have approached us, the school has grown.

The typhoon dealt us a new set of challenges. Even with our own personal challenges, we recognized the school's special role in helping the community. [I left right after the storm, but] I soon went back to Tacloban to help clean the school. It was the Universe's way of answering us when [IDV staff] Dave and Dagmara found out about the school.

Firie and I were getting ready to start, once again, with just a single classroom. IDV gave us the chance to reopen as a fully functioning school. Because of this, we can hope to move ahead with the children.”

Charina has big plans for the future. Working with a larger organisation called “The Center of Blended Learning” she wants to expand the school and start holding seminars to help main-stream schools manage students with special needs.

But Charina also has concerns about the future. “Many first response aid will be removed soon. Stability of livelihood is a challenge of many.”

Thanks to your support, we've already repaired and re-opened the Aram Learning Studio. Moving forward, we hope to keep financially supporting the school’s teachers and expand the school. These ambitious plans have the power to change children’s lives in Tacloban but they won’t be possible without you.

We hope you'll consider giving today to support the Aram Learning Studio.

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