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Our Work

 We've helped over 23,000 people but we can only continue with your support.

Nepal Earthquake Response

In April and May 2015 Nepal was struck by two devastating earthquakes in less than three weeks.

The disasters killed over 9,000 people and injured many thousands more. Over 500,000 homes and around 36,000 classrooms were also destroyed

IDV arrived in Nepal ten days after the first earthquake and our work to date has helped over 7,100 survivors. Read more »

Disaster Risk Reduction in the Philippines

In Manila over 500,000 people live dangerously close to rivers which burst their banks several times a year, often during the annual typhoon season. This situation clearly highlights the need for a proactive approach to disaster.

Since 2012 we've worked with an amazing People’s Organisation, called Buklod Tao, to help protect hundreds of local families from the worst impacts of disaster.  Read more »

Long-Term Recovery in Haiti

In January 2010 Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake. The death toll estimates vary, but range from between 100,000 to over 300,000 people.

Between June 2010 and December 2011 our international volunteers helped support 3,242 earthquake survivors. 

Our volunteers then withdrew from Haiti, but we continue to support key local partners there to this day.  Read more »