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School Furniture and Supplies

The Nepal earthquakes destroyed around 36,000 classrooms, and essential school furniture and school supplies were also lost as a result.

While rebuilding classrooms is important, it’s also vital to properly equip them if kids are to receive an effective education.

We will have provided school furniture for over 430 children, and school supplies for 1,400 more.  

Our school furniture is built to government guidelines and is manufactured at our workshop in Kathmandu. It can then be delivered to remote schools as "flat-packs" for final assembly.

It costs around £50 to provide a school desk and bench set for four children, and only £7 to provide a child with school supplies.  

Make a donation to this project today. 

School Furniture and School Supplies in Sindhupalchok

In October 2016 we provided fourty desk and bench sets for children at the Shree Bal Shiksha school in Sindhupalchok.  We also built five permanent classrooms at the school, and this furniture ensured these new rooms were also properly equipped.

In 2015 we also supported schools in the communities of Pyrae and Balephi by providing school furniture for 96 children. We also provided school supplies to 1,400 children in Hagam.


School Furniture in Dhading

In September 2016 we braved some of the worst roads imaginable to deliver twenty desk and bench sets for children at the Shree Dhuseni Lower Secondary school in Dhading district.

For over a year students had been forced to work on tarpualin sheets on the floor. Our new desks and benches have dramatically improved the learning environment for these children.



School Furniture in Makawanpur

In May 2016 we provided twenty five desk and bench sets for children at the Shree Lal Kiran Primary School in Makawanpur district.

This remote school was badly damaged by the first earthquake and one of its two buildings completely collapsed in the disaster. The community was able to repair the second school building but the earthquake also destroyed their school furniture. Our support means that the classrooms are now properly equipped, and that the kids can learn effectively.