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Shree Bal Shiksha Toilets

The Shree Bal Shiksha School is located in Sindhupalchok district, which was one of the worst affected by the earthquakes in 2015. 

The school was badly affected by the disasters, and both its classrooms and toilet buildings were unsafe to use as a result.

We previously provided five new classrooms at the school, but there still weren't enough toilets for the school’s 600 children.

They are many water-borne diseases in Nepal, including cholera, and this meant that all the kids were at risk of getting sick, or worse. So, we also built a brand new toilet block, and accompanying septic tank, alongside the previously provided classrooms.

We also provided the school with forty new desks and benches, to equip their new classrooms, and along with the new toilets this work demonstrates our vision of providing holistic support for education after the earthquakes.

Click here to see photos from this project!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Andre Pelliccia, Fabrizia Fiorentino, and everyone who attended their Charity Gala Dinner on October 22, 2016, for making this project possible.