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The Project Solution

The Project Solution has awarded IDV grants for our work in both Haiti and Nepal.

The Project Solution is a US based, 501(c)(3) organisation which funds small projects that make direct impacts on the lives of those in need worldwide.

By mobilising individual donors and providing frequent updates on how donations have changed lives, The Project Solution helps donors and those in need make a person to person connection.

In 2011 they awarded us $2,700 to fund our work at the Foyer D'Orelph Orphanage. These funds enabled us to build a roof over an existing classroom, providing safe, dry classroom space for 53 orphans who lived at the orphanage, as well as other children from the community who attended the orphanage's school for free. We also used the funds to put a roof over the kitchen area, which was previously open to the rain and prone to flooding, as well as to improve drainage on the property. 

In 2016 they awarded us a further $2,500 to fund sanitation projects at schools affected by the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.  We used the first half of this funding to provide toilets and handwashing facilities at the Shree Balkori school in Gorkha district.  We are now using the second half of this funding to undertake similar work at the Shree Santa Krishna school in Sindhupalchok.