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The Vodafone Foundation

The Vodafone Foundation has supported IDV through the award of six separate World of Difference Programme grants.

The Foundation's support of IDV began in 2010 when our CEO, Andy Chaggar, was chosen from over 2,500 apllicants to receive a prestigious World of Difference International Award.  


This first award came with a £45,000 grant to IDV, which supported our work in Haiti by allowing Andy to receive a salary and living expenses.

In 2012, the Foundation once again chose to support IDV by providing two World of Difference UK awards, each of which enabled us to employ two UK staff for two months.

In 2013, the Foundation also named Andy Chaggar as a recipient of its even more prestigous World of Difference Grahame Maher award.  This award, which was only available to previous award winners, came with a £20,000 grant for IDV.  This funding was used to launch our DRR projects in Manila.

Finally, in 2013 the Foundation provided us with two further World of Difference UK awards, again allowing us to employ two UK staff for two months each.

Although the Vodafone Foundation's World of Difference Programme sadly later came to an end, we remain forever grateful to them for their major support over the years.