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Volunteer Case Studies

At IDV, our motto is "changing the lives of volunteers and donors worldwide", and we mean it. These case studies illustrate how volunteers' lives have been changed in the long-term by their experiences in Haiti.

Volunteering for University Success

Mirdza Abele, or  Midge for short, (pictured on the left) is a 24 year old student studying Disaster Reconstruction and Development at Coventry University. She joined us in Haiti from June to September 2011 and worked on a small team of volunteers specialising in helping orphanages become more sustainable.

We asked her to talk about why she chose IDV and how her experiences have impacted her. Read more »

The Joys of Giving Back

Taylor Beck is a 21 year old university student from the US who volunteered with us in Haiti for six weeks in the summer of 2011. IDV was not her first visit to Haiti, yet it was her time with IDV which she feels impacted her most. Read more »

Overcoming Challenges

Cyril Eicher is a 23 year old student at Coventry University studying Disaster Management. He joined IDV in Port au Prince in July 2011. Cyril faced many challenges in Haiti, including a car accident and a serious illness.

We asked him to reflect on the time he spent in Haiti and how it's affected him in the long-term. Read more »

Maturing in Haiti

Billy Horwitz is a 20 year old US citizen who joined IDV in Haiti from February to June 2011. He was just 18 when he arrived in Port au Prince.

During his time in Haiti, Billy managed one of our largest construction projects and was recognised for his work with an award from Youth Noise. We asked Billy a couple of questions about his time in Haiti with IDV. Read more »

Finding New Motivation

Eliza Dawson is an American University Student who volunteered with us for seven weeks in Port au Prince, Haiti, in the summer of 2011. We asked her to talk about how her experiences in Haiti helped her. Read more »