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Volunteer Testimonials

We think you should come volunteer with IDV, but you certainly don't have to take our word for it. Hre's what a few of our past volunteers have had to say. 

After volunteering with IDV in the Philippines it made me more grateful for what I have in my life. This is a life changing experience that I will cherish forever, I met and worked with amazing people that have truly inspired me to be a better person.

- Tacloban Volunteer Bianca

Thanks for helping get our honeymoon started on such a wonderful note. We couldn't imagine a better way to start off our trip. Even after two weeks on the beach in the Dominican Republic, all we wanted to talk about when we got home was our time with IDV. You guys are the best!

- Haiti Volunteer Marty

From a personal perspective the chance to volunteer proved to be an excellent way of applying my skills to benefit a great cause whilst at the same time gaining some invaluable experience. It was a springboard for further progression, reinvigorating my interest in digital marketing at a time when I was a little disheartened and lacking direction. After volunteering for IDV it was also definitely easier to look for work as I was more confident in my abilities. Read more
- At Home Volunteer Martin
IDV's motto, 'changing the lives of survivors and volunteers worldwide', pretty much sums up the experience I have had in Haiti. 
- Haiti IDV Project Manager Vicky 
I’ve been living volunteering in the Philippines for 16 days now, however it already feels like home. Funnily enough I haven’t missed much in the way of luxuries... I actually enjoy hand washing my clothes... life is simplified and there is such a strong sense of community. Read more

- Tacloban IDV Volunteer Natalie